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Change Rotary Switch Doors to Push Button Doors

HPT Millenium Replacement-web.jpeg
GDH Rotary door-01.jpg

Tired of replacing expensive rotary switches every time a vandal decides to strike?  Tired of knobs coming loose? Tired of not being operational because the rotary switch failed again?  Tired of all the labor it takes to replace a rotary switch?

The answer is simple.  Replace your door with a Pay Shark door!  We offer three solutions.  One, we send you a new Pay Shark door and you transfer the coin and bill acceptors.  Two, you send us your existing door and we transfer, wire and test the new door with your components. Three, we will build you a door with all new components including bill and coin acceptors.

Contact your dealer or HighPoint (972-753-2622) today for a quote!

LOOKING FOR NEW DOORS !!!  We are always adding competitors doors to the list of those we have replacements for.  If you have any questions please contact us.  We are looking for more doors to add to our collection!  Yours might be the next.  We give discounts for sending us a new door to replicate and add to our collection.

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