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The Grime Shark is a high quality foam brush system that is always hungry for bugs, tar, mud and road film – especially in those hard to clean areas where pre wash prep is needed. HighPoint’s Innovative design requires only city water from a garden hose and a 120 VAC outlet to generate consistent, hard working foam. Simply push the start button to get instant foam. Adjustable timer for automatic stop or use the stop button. Premium brush for efficient removal of bugs, tar, grime, mud, and any type of road film. The Grime Shark is also effective for removing brake dust and other materials for tire and wheel pre-wash prep. Always uses fresh water and soap to reduce smearing and scratches.

The Grime Shark comes with a 5 gallon pail of 311 Grime Shark Soap developed specially for HighPoint Car Wash Equipment to provide maximum foam detergent cleaning action. Available from your HighPoint Distributor. The Grime Shark is factory adjusted to provide hardworking foam right out of the box. The unit has adjustments to allow use of other foaming soaps.


  • Grime Shark foam unit

  • 18 foot hose with foam brush

  • Wall hanger for foam brush

  • 5 Gallon pail of 311 Grime Shark Soap

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311 Grime Shark Soap

Part Number:  20018

Is a special formula made for the removal of grime and dirt build-up from automobile surfaces. Use in hot or cold water to remove dirt, grease, grime, and road film. It is recommended to pretest surface in an inconspicuous area before application. 

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