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Refurbish Meter Box Doors

Touch Select flag door.jpeg
Pay Shark - Touch Select Side locks.jpeg

Send us your door and we can refurbish it.  We start with new sheet metal, label and Pay Shark timer.  Then we transfer your coin, bill, and credit card acceptors to the new door.  We do the wiring, test the door and send it back ready to go.  Our goal is to refurbish your door and send it back in two days or less.

Contact your dealer or HighPoint (972-753-2622) today for a quote!

LOOKING FOR NEW DOORS!!! We are always adding competitors doors to the list of those we have replacements for.  If you have any questions please contact us.  We are looking for more doors to add to our collection!  Yours might be the next.  We give discounts for sending us a new door to replicate and add to our collection.

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